Medical Alert: Stay Connected with Your Aging Parents using Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors

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If you’re a senior choosing to live independently or their children worrying about their daily habits and medical alert, all you need is a means to access them without encroaching on their freedom and their privacy. For a lot of elderly, living on their own is a way to maintain independence from their kids and caregivers. That way they are still able to do routine things on their own, like cook for themselves, go to the groceries and meet up with their friends. Many would even claim that living on their own keeps them feeling young, active and healthy.
While this amount freedom bears a lot of benefits for seniors, this can cause a lot of pacing and worrying on the part of their family and friends. It’s a known fact that as people grow older, they become more feeble and sickly. That makes them more prone to falling and accidents. They also seldom notice changes in their routine, forget their medication every once in awhile and miss certain symptoms of conditions they might have. Whether they’re actually sick and in trouble or not, their loved ones can’t help but worry. To avoid that, you can gift your parents or the other seniors in your life with Lively.

What’s Lively?

medical alert - watch 300x262 - Medical Alert: Stay Connected with Your Aging Parents using Lively Safety Watch and In-Home Hub & Activity Sensors

To strike the perfect balance between giving seniors the independence they need and prefer and lessening their loved ones’ worries while they are alone, install the Lively technology to any senior’s home. It comes with a comprehensive set of monitoring functions that range from their daily vitals, exercise and even meals.

The Lively technology has three components that work best together. The first is a stylish, waterproof watch that is used as a mobile emergency device. Click the button on the side, and it contacts the customer service center where they will figure out what’s wrong. They will either call you to inform you of the emergency or contact 911 directly to get them immediate attention. The watch also functions as a reminder for seniors to take their medication and how many steps they’ve taken during the day.

With the watch is an in-home hub, so no need to connect the device to the internet. The can cover up to 1,500 feet. You can also fit the house with different activity sensors, such as the fridge or the medicine cabinet to gauge if your parents have eaten, taken their meds and how much sleep they’re getting. Loved ones can check out all these patterns and changes online, where a senior’s account is constantly updated.

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 Pro: Comprehensive monitoring device and medical alert

Lively is one of the few technologies on the market that’s all encompassing – dealing with everything from emergency buttons to routine monitoring with medicine intake, meal monitoring and much more. Most other products will have one function but not the other. Not only is this technology easier to set up and a better value for your money, it’s also easier to check. All you have to do is log in to one account or download one app, and you get daily reminders plus updates, in case the emergency button was pressed.

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Pro: Customize to your senior’s activities

Since the sensors can be attached to almost any appliance, drawer or cabinet, you can monitor most of their activities – including meals, medicine intake and even hours of sleep. These sensors even send a signal to the senior’s watch if they forgot to take their medication at a certain time. These smart reminders are a product of the pattern that the device was able to observe. You will also be alerted, in case your parent’s routine is off or unusual.

Pro: Easy to use

The technology is straightforward and easy to use, even for seniors who are not a massive fun of devices and gadgets. All they have to do is install the hub and the sensors – which you can also do for them – then they’re all good. The battery in the watch is long-lasting, so it will take awhile before it needs any replacement. The features are also easy to figure out. Press that button on the side in an emergency. Scroll through the functions on the face of the watch to see the time, check how many steps you’ve taken for the day and make sure you didn’t miss your medication.

Con: Limitation of the emergency button

The hub is only useful up to 1,500 feet. Outside of that, Lively has to connect to a mobile phone to remain active. It defeats the purpose of not imposing cellphone use on seniors who are not fans of them. Besides, there have been reports that this method can be spotty in some areas. There needs to be an alternative method as effective as Lively’s in-home hub for outdoor use.

Con: Fall detection

This disadvantage was already preempted by the company because they’ll be introducing a fall detection feature soon. However, so far, their current models do not have this feature, unlike other medical alert competitors. This takes a jab at their comprehensive approach to elderly monitoring because when the seniors fall and are knocked unconscious, no immediate response can be given. It does make up for that lack with all its other functions though.

Why should you try Lively as your medical alert

Freedom and independence is a gift that children are often asked to give their parents in their senior years. This doesn’t always go over well because they’re worried about their parent’s condition – a reasonable concern. The best compromise is to make sure that seniors are able to live on their own, while they’re monitored by a medical alert device that can update you on their condition. That eases your worries regarding their wellbeing, without undermining their independence.

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