Home Security: 5 Tips for Seniors to stay safe

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What can you do?

To make the process of securing your home easier for you, I’ve collated 5 techniques you can try to burglar-proof your home. You can modify some of these to fit your community, type of home and your Home Security system.


1. Start with the basics

A lot of homeowners install the most sophisticated home security systems but end up being ineffective because the problem is more basic than that. They forget to lock their doors, close their windows or shut their garage doors. Worst, there are ladders and tools that are easily accessible from the outside. Burglars are, first and foremost, opportunists. They’re going to try to get in your house the easiest way possible, so keep any tools that can make breaking in easier.

You can install an automatic rim latch lock, which locks your door instantly. It can only be opened from the inside after that unless you have a key. Make sure that you don’t keep your spare key in the most obvious of places – like under the doormat or in the nearest flower pot. You also need to check if the hinges of your doors and windows are strong and can’t be easily tampered with.

Why put so much effort in burglar-proofing and home security?

The strategy behind security is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of people, especially those who live alone, become extremely paranoid about how to protect themselves that they do everything short of installing ballistic missiles to scare the perpetrators off and build 30-inch walls to make sure they never get in. You will soon find out, as I’ll explain further later, that this just puts up a massive “I’m keeping something special” sign on your roof. The last thing you want is for burglars to think there’s something worth stealing.

Securing your home is making sure that you have the perfect balance of keeping track if ever someone comes in, making sure you don’t stand out as the first target and putting up enough deterrent to make them think twice about hitting your home. Seniors are often seen as an easy target because burglars assume you move slower, sleep deeper and veer away from up-to-date alarm systems. Take care of your home security and protect your home by showing them otherwise.

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