GetSafe Review: Do It Yourself HOME SECURITY SYSTEM

Why GetSafe?

getsafe - StarterKit1 300x226 - GetSafe Review: Do It Yourself HOME SECURITY SYSTEMDid you know that over 20% of the American population has experienced home invasion? That means that at least 20 million households will have gone through this ordeal at some point. Those numbers are terrifying, especially if you add the fact that home invasion sometimes escalates to assault when the homeowners are home and are alerted to the break-in.

What’s even scarier is that traditional locks are so easy to open. All perpetrators would need are a set of set of bump keys – no more than $20 – and they’re in. That’s why a fool proof alarm system is important to install. A lot of older homeowners refuse to install these alarm systems because they think that these are either too expensive or difficult to install. Neither are true, especially if your know what alarm system to get.

What is GetSafe Home Security?

GetSafe Home Security is a 24/7 professional monitoring system that provides you with the security you need, especially if you’re an elderly living on your own. The installation process starts with downloading the GetSafe app, which is how you will be able to interact with the system and monitor it on your own.

getsafe - smart hub big e14732915845251 231x300 - GetSafe Review: Do It Yourself HOME SECURITY SYSTEMNow, you have to plug the smart hub, which controls all the other devices that we’ll talk about in a bit, and register it to your app. The smart hub also has backup power, in case of emergencies. After that, you can install the door sensors, motion detector and cameras. You can arm and disarm the system, check on the feed and access other controls through the app. These set should comprehensively protect your home from burglars.

If there’s ever a break-in, the alarm will sound off and your home will get a call from the GetSafe team. Without a positive response, they will notify the police department immediately and send help. This will be the same process if you’re not home, and your mobile number cannot be reached.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Monitors your home

Unlike traditional locks, this cannot just be picked with a card. The starter kits come with a motion detector, which you can position strategically in the house, a door or window sensor, a siren and smart hub that’s powered two ways. You can even increase the protection by adding their cameras and other home automation devices. The system aims to protect your home in the best possible way, from someone opening the door to coming back and forth around your property.

This is perfect for seniors because it covers and protects most of the house, without the bulky set-up that might be too intimidating for to install or use. It’s also a far better option that just keeping traditional locks because, in the event of a burglary, this is a lot louder and more noticeable than the stealthy break-in techniques employed for those locks.

  • Pro: Eases worries
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Any time you install an additional system on top of traditional locks, you will safer. You can rest, sleep or go on vacations that your home is protected – either through the loud alarm that will alert the neighbors or through the efforts of the GetSafe team to call the authorities. You will even be alerted of the break-in, no matter where you are – be it on a cruise around Europe or on a beach in Hawaii.

This will also ease the concerns of your kids who worry about you living on your own. At least, your loved ones know that your home is protected from intruders, wherever you are.

  • Con: Installation process

For any tech savvy person, this may be straightforward set-up. However, the number of steps to install the entire system – from app download to set up the additional cameras may be too much for seniors. Not only is the app use already a hindrance for non-mobile users, aligning the sensors so they’re functional, putting up the cameras and even installing the motion detector may be one too many steps.

You also have to constantly change the batteries, since all the devices are wireless. These are finicky routines that seniors might not be up to, especially with their eyesight and the placement of these devices.

  • Con: App-based

An alarm system that you can control and monitor while you’re on the go is ideal because the process of arming and disarming it is easier. You can even access the cameras when you’re on long holidays. However, if your parents are not the type to carry around a mobile phone, then this might be a setback because the entire system hinges on the app. It’s not like you can arm and disarm the alarm system every day for your parents. That’s just too much of a hassle.

Why use GetSafe?

GetSafe is a great upgrade from traditional locks that most senior homes have. It gives them the added protection against burglars and other perpetrators, thanks to the motion detectors, sensors and cameras. This DIY set-up is also a lot cheaper than its more sophisticated alternatives, but it provides the same security – from the real time feed you can access on your phone to the immediate response your get from the GetSafe team, in case of a break in. Seniors may need some time to get used to the app, if they’re not to mobile phone savvy, but it’s nothing too complicated.

Find GetSafe here.

8.5 Total Score

GetSafe Home Security is a 24/7 professional monitoring system that provides you with the security you need, especially if you’re an elderly living on your own. The installation process starts with downloading the GetSafe app, which is how you will be able to interact with the system and monitor it on your own.

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Monitoring ability
Fitting for senior use (e.g. app arming and disarming)
Eases worries of seniors
  • Monitors your home
  • Eases worries
  • Installation process
  • App-based
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