Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear Ones

Wearable Technology for health monitoring

At any point in your life, you will benefit from knowing what’s going on in your body. That’s how wearable technology became so popular in the first place. The recent health revolution catapulted the fitness tracker trend, and you can spot a lot of people wearing them.
This technology takes on a different challenge as the person wearing it grows older. When a device tracks your heartbeat, it can be used to monitor whether you’re prone to strokes or high blood pressure. A wearable technology able to count your steps tells doctors the amount of exercise you get, giving them a good idea how bad your arthritis is getting. There are so many uses that come with the range of different wearable gadgets available on the market. It can foresee and prevent many conditions, thanks to how it records your body through a specific duration of time.


5 Best Wearable Technology for Seniors

To help you better pick out the best wearable devices for your needs, lifestyle and existing medical conditions, here are some of what most other seniors and their doctors would recommend.


wearable technology - vitalpatch 300x181 - Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear OnesFrom the company Vital Connect, this wearable technology is used by healthcare professionals to monitor one’s breathing, heart rate, sleep, temperature and body position – like when you fall. It’s equipped with a reusable biosensor and a 3 axis accelerometer that’s embedded in a patch. The patch attaches to your body much like a band aid and can be taken off the same way.

You can connect this product to any mobile phone, and track your vitals real time. With that feature, not only will this allow you to tell your doctors how you’ve since you previous consultation. You will also be able to assess your own condition, which can help lessen your worries.


     2. Viatom Checkme 

wearable technology - viatom tech 300x177 - Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear OnesWith over 100,000 beats per day, tracking your heart can help you and your doctor analyzes your how healthy your heart is, predict whether you have heart-related conditions and hopefully, prevent that from happening.

Unlike the previous technology, which comes in a patch, Viatom Checkme comes with a separate device that you can connect to your phone, while it reads information from your finger. This medical tricorder measures a whole host of vitals, such as physical activity, hours of sleep, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate and rhythm, body temperature, heartbeat and oxygen saturation. What this device gives you is the convenience on checking on yourself before you head to your physician or decide to go about your day.

       3. Vitaliti

wearable technology - viatliti 300x210 - Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear OnesAnother way to track your vitals is through Cloud DX’s Vitaliti. It resembles a necklace, except your only have to drape it around your neck, and the sensors at the ends will do the rest of the work. It comes with a patented technology that checks blood pressure, movement, respiration, temperature, heart rate and oxygen in the body.

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Whatever information it collates throughout the day, it transmits to an app on your mobile phone. Once that’s processed, you can access the information to monitor your health. However, this app goes a step further and provides you with tips on how to alleviate your condition or quell the symptoms. The recommendations range from exercises you ca try, the posture you should maintain and how you can rid yourself of stress.

       4. Leaf Healthcare

wearable technology - leafhc 300x235 - Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear OnesThe ulcer is a common condition that plagues seniors, and most doctors attribute it to the lack of movement or physical activity, especially when compared to their youth. What the Leaf Healthcare does is remind you when it’s time to move around or start a physical activity. It can even optimize tissue pressurization in the process of turning or moving around.

These are most useful for seniors who are constantly hospitalized, are bedridden or live in assisted living facilities. This can help them avoid bed sores and other pains that some with the lack of movement. Once the monitor is attached to you, your caregiver or nurse will be notified when you need to be turned assisted to move around, so you can get some assistance.


      5. CarePredict Tempo 

wearable technology - carepredict 300x242 - Top 5 Picks: Best Wearable Technology Devices to Monitor Your Health or Your Dear OnesThis is a wristwatch especially designed so seniors can constantly track their daily patterns – such where they typically go, their favorite part of the house and their sleeping patterns. As this is collated over time and extensively studied, the company is able to predict a person’s daily routines. With slight variations, it sends a message to your family or caregiver, so they can check on you and see what’s going on. This is perfect for seniors living on their own and are often sick. This way you don’t have worry about making calls so someone can check on you. CarePredict Tempo will do it for you.




Why are these technologies so important?

As a person ages, he becomes more prone to getting sick or contracting a condition that makes him feel weaker and less able to do routine things. This is not something to be alarmed about. In fact, this is how the human body responds to age. The cells are not able to regenerate as fast. The body’s immune system is easily compromised, and the person will be in constant need of monitoring. The wearable technology can make that process easier and more reliable for you – making your doctors diagnosis and suggested treatments more targeted and easing you and your family of worries.

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