Make your parents happy with Jitterbug Smart, one amazing senior smartphone

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In a world saturated with high technology gadgets, one does not find a simple and user-friendly device for daily communication purposes, with ease(even harder when you try to find a good senior smartphone). The never ending war between who is who of the technology era between leading brands has left customers baffled and upset.
To put an end to the misery of millions and seniors per say, Jitterbug Smart is the latest smartphone which has revolutionized the daily interactive sessions between loved ones and made communication for senior or elderly people easier. This phone knows exactly its market and therefore has all the features which would not only fascinate you to buy it but recommend it to others as well.

Features of Jitterbug Smart: Some of the distinctive features of this smartphone making it worthy of a sale are listed below.

Better Display and Camera:

The features and specifications are simple and praiseworthy because they are just in accordance with what elderly people look for. It is a tall 5.5 inch smart phone with Android system built in it which again is very user-friendly with softer, easier and simplified software installed. It has lollipop system. The bigger screen allows better resolution and visibility since your eyes should not be blinded by the tiny imprints and alphabets on your screens. The camera is itself very clear and has 5-megapixel qualities. Flash option is also present. Photo sharing has become easier with this. It offers a pretty clear and sharp image or display which is highly visible and makes it easy to navigate through the menu on the front screen. A simple menu has been put up in a grid manner or in a list array to help you navigate through.

Major Buttons and layout:

It provides nationwide coverage with easy and affordable data plans. It also comes with easy to use feature now which could be activated through the website as well.  It provides soft touch option for people. There is a power button on right side and volume keys situated on the back. The speakers too are in the back because they facilitate the hearing process. Voice typing options are also present in it. It comes with several pre-installed urgent and instant care applications for its elderly users.


Call quality is also good with multiple connectivity options just like WLAN and MVNO. Call quality is made smooth with natural clear tones and better sound from the other end. Since it has been specifically designed for the elderly, it comes with a hearing aid options as well. It also tracks your data and minutes consumed along with wide connectivity. You can now access internet from anywhere.

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Battery performance:

For seniors, the main concern is charging and battery related problems. Battery life is satisfactory. It runs a 4 hour and 16 minutes video uninterruptedly with smooth streaming on full brightness. With low brightness it runs for more than 4 hours and does the necessary job. It does not have a removable battery though. But the long lasting battery is enough for anyone to go a day without having to charge the cell phone again and again.

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Most notable and highlighted feature of jitterbug senior smartphone is its price. It is available only for $97 which could be discounted to even an appreciable low using discount plans and sale options. It comes with free shipping.

Jitterbug Senior smartphone Special Add-On:

Some basic and value additive features include

  • Medical assistance and alerts are only a button or click/tap away
  • There is an inbuilt app which informs the guardians and caregivers of every detail
  • It has medication reminders for people
  • It provides check-in and access to many nurses and doctor’s board
  • It comes with an inbuilt heart monitor
  • Personal assistant to help with appointments

Pros and Cons:

Like every other senior smartphone, there are cons to the new value additive but don’t be disappointed since the pros are many and outweigh the cons. To begin with it is highly affordable and comes with sales of various sorts. It is easy to use for elderly and senior people. The call quality is very good because of the speakers and volume options. The only turning off point that it has is the settings. It has, according to many users, complicated settings which at time becomes difficult for seniors to adjust. The display is simple but the settings and control panel is often problematic for people to manage.

User Reviews and Feedback:

It has been rated 3.5 out of a possible 5 based on its good performance and special features only for the elderly people. The prices are affordable and manageable. Customer service and speaker quality have been admired a lot by the customers. Easy activation and user interface is a plus point for many users. The font size it offers is quite appreciated by a large audience based on its high visibility factor. The touch option and quality is really good. Less technical on the face of it so it is a huge plus. The negative feedback received by 1/3rd of the customers is based on minimal data usage options and sometimes connectivity issues. Its geographical limitation is also not such a highlight. Many have complaints that it works only in the United States of America which is a constraint and needs to be taken care of. Sim card slot has also presented some technical issues to the audience as well. Many have credited it way to childish and easy to use as a negative point rather than it being the highlight of this phone.


Every technology comes with its own handful of bright points and some shabby and dark aspects. Cellular technology is growing every day and striving to facilitate our lives. The Jitterbug Senior Smartphone “Easy Call” is a step towards making everyday lives easier not only for us but for our elders who could not use cell phone until a while ago. This is a great initiative to assist elderly.

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