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Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives Easier

Most people assume that this experience is exclusive to the tech savvy millennials. There couldn’t possibly be seniors Seniors Apps for the maturing baby boomers, right? Wrong! A lot of app developers see the need that baby boomers have in their daily lives – from reading texts better, being reminded of their pills or destination suggestions for senior cruises.
Apps are how most people cope with their daily live now. They want to get from point A to point B, without fuzzing with a map, they download an app. A couple has to find a great date night restaurant, there’s an app – complete with ratings and suggested experiences they can do after dinner. You want to travel to another country you’ve never been to on a budget? There’s an app for cheap flights, the best hotels or rentals and even the highest rated tours. All you need to do is download them, and you’re good to go. It put so much control and power in the hands of the user that any experience is now easy and personalized.

Apps Seniors Must Have

To help you navigate the exciting and useful world of apps, here are 5 apps that are indispensable to seniors.


  1. Red Panic Button

seniors apps - mobile Watch1 300x269 - Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives EasierHow this app works is very simple. Press the central, red panic button to send a distress message to one or more of your selected channels. You can program this beforehand to send your current location via a text message or an email to selected contacts. In times of great distress, when you’re unsure if your primary contacts are up or accessible, you can send a distress message through Twitter. Anyone who responds to your panic message via that media will be sent your address, so they can come to your aid.


This is one of the great seniors apps, especially for those with conditions and disabilities that hinder basic mobility. If they ever fall or are in an accident, they can just open the app and press on the distress button. You can easily let your primary caregiver or the rest of your family know that you need help. Because it’s on a mobile phone, you can carry this anywhere, and unlike 911, you don’t have to explain anything, just press the button.


This app can be downloaded to phones – either iPhone or Android – and tablets for $2.99. You can also customize this with features to fit your needs better. To know more about the app, you can visit their site: http://redpanicbutton.com/.


  1. EyeReader

seniors apps - 350x350bb1 300x300 - Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives EasierTransform your phone into a magnifying glass, helping you read small text anywhere. It’s no surprise that, as one grows older, the eyesight degrades. That makes it difficult to read, and for seniors who are voracious readers, this can be very frustrating. It’s a struggle to read their favorite books, much more the newspaper.

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Even seniors who don’t spend a lot of their time reading books are putting themselves in dangerous positions when they’re not able to read texts properly. They can take the wrong medication, eat food their allergic to or install electrical wirings the wrong way – all of which can put them in danger. To avoid that, seniors can download EyeReader for $1.99. Just open the app and focus it one the next you want it to magnify. Unfortunately, this is only available or iPhone users. If you want to know more about the app, you can visit this site: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eyereader/id421570249?mt=8.


  1. Skype, one of the best seniors apps

seniors apps - skype 1496226329 300x271 - Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives EasierThis is the oldest app on the list and for good reason. It has helped many families and loved ones connect with each other through messages, calls and video calls all over the world. For seniors whose kids are travel junkies or are living across the world, this a great way to keep yourself connected to them. A lot of seniors go through different phases of depression, and it’s often fueled by missing seeing their loved ones regularly. This is a great compromise. You don’t need to travel miles upon miles, but you get to connect with your loved ones.

Caregivers can also use this to check on the seniors they’re taking care of while they’re away or are at work. This can ease your worries and assure the senior on the other end that they can contact yours anytime. This app can be downloaded for free on iPhones, androids and tablets. To know more about Skype, visit their site: https://www.skype.com/en/.

  1. Luminosity

seniors apps - Screenshot 6 300x169 - Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives EasierFor seniors who are into puzzles and games, Luminosity is a great way to entertain yourself while making sure that your brain continues to be sharp. Most of the games are specifically made to challenge one’s memory. Some studies even show that puzzles such as the one’s you’ll find on this app help people with Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions similar to dementia. Unfortunately, this is only for iPhone users, but at least, it’s free. Check their site out to find out more: https://www.lumosity.com/.


  1. Pillboxie

seniors apps - Screenshot 7 300x192 - Seniors Apps That Would Make Their Lives Easier Your medication is only as good as how regularly your take it. The moment you miss you pills, you’re lessening its potency and ability to heal you or maintain your body’s health condition. Pillboxie reminds you of the medication you have to take at the time you need to take them. The app even lets you customize the pills that appear with the reminder, so they resemble the color and shape of the pills you have to take.

If you want to be sure that you input the correct pills, you can ask your caregiver or family to input the medication for you. That way all you need to is to wait for the reminders. Pillboxie can only be downloaded on an iPhone or iPad for $0.99. You can find out more about the app here: http://pillboxie.com/.

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Why should you try these seniors apps

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Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of apps that are made specifically for senior use. That means they’re straightforward, and the features are easy to access. If you’re worried about your parents, you can introduce them to some of these apps. They can make all the difference.

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    Kinto is another great app! Kinto is an app for caregivers and other family members and friends. It is designed to keep caregiving organized and share updates with everyone involved. The website is https://www.kinto.care/get-the-app/ . Check it out! It’s very helpful 🙂

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