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Peace-of-Mind with Penrose Senior Care Monitoring and Check-In Services

senior care monitoring - 288435 300x165 - Peace-of-Mind with Penrose  Senior Care Monitoring and Check-In ServicesWhy a Senior Care Monitoring Service?

Penrose was founded based on a personal experience that the CEO herself went through with her dad. Thus, this service(Senior Care Monitoring) is relevant and fitted to the needs of seniors living in assisted communities. For many people, they put their parents in assisted living facilities to make sure that they get the best care they can possibly get – hoping that nurses, dieticians and the rest of the staff will keep a close on eye on them. Some families are even willing to shell out thousands of dollars just to make sure their parent’s quality of life is maintained.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. According to US government data, a terrifying 95% of seniors are either abused or have seen another senior being abused. That is a surprising number, and what’s even scarier is 50% of caregivers blatantly admit to abusing the seniors they should be taking care of. Unfortunately, the other end of the statistics cannot balance this out. Most people who have their parents in assisted living don’t know that their parents are being abused. When they do ask their parents, they are hesitant to tell their kids what’s been going on. Penrose is adult care auditing system that hopes to mitigate the problem.

What is Penrose?

Surprisingly, the first of its kind, Penrose is a senior care monitoring service that operates nationwide. The company has about 80 certified auditors who canvass assisted living facilities and assess how they’re servicing a particular senior based on 7 quality of life factors. Those standards include well-being, safety, comfort, cleanliness, maintenance, supplies, and caregiver observations.

The auditor assigned to your parent will go to the facility as often as you please, say bi-weekly, and give you a comprehensive report based on those factors. They also come with write-ups that you can go over on any device. All you have to do is log in to the account that you will be given upon procuring the subscription for that month.

Benefits of Senior Care Monitoring service Penrose

  • Firsthand contact with the senior

There are so many ways to check on seniors, but nothing beats a personal, direct human interaction. A certified auditor is trained to ask your parent all the right questions, and even when they don’t respond, an auditor can easily observe the surroundings and figure out what’s wrong.

In one case, a senior has been in his room all morning. Most of the nursing home staff ignored why, thinking that he might have just overslept. Upon the inspection of a Penrose auditor, he noticed that the senior has been acting odd compared to the prior visit. Worried, the auditor dialed 911. At the hospital, they found that he overdosed on a drug that he wasn’t even supposed to be taking. This is not something that any child or family member would have figured out just by scheduling phone calls.

  • Holds the staff more accountable

In a study I mentioned earlier, they found that parents are less likely to tell the staff that supposedly takes care of them, even if their kids ask. That means that if there are abuses – such as late meals, hygiene violations and wrong medications given, no one would know and hold them accountable for their mistakes.

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Penrose found that the more visits a senior get, the higher the likelihood that they will get better service from the staff. On one occasion, an auditor found a senior filthy, and she has been for a while. The whole room – the elderly included – was covered in fecal matter. No one was checking on her the whole day. This was also the personal experience of the CEO of Penrose herself. She found that the more she visited her dad, the better the treatment they got.

  • Peace of mind

A lot of people who put their parents in assisted living facilities worry about their well being. They end up calling almost every day and stressing about the next visit. This is especially true if the facility is a few hours from where you live. It’s hard to go more than a few times a month, much more once or twice a week.

Senior Care Monitoring Penrose is a great alternative. You’re able to get a comprehensive report – whether it be about the service or just how your parent is doing. At the same time, you have a representative with a constant presence in the facility. That doesn’t just pressure the staff to treat your parent well but also reassures your parent that he can reach someone in case something happens.

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Disadvantages of Penrose

Truth be told, I think Penrose is a groundbreaking service that you would have thought someone’s come with years ago. It’s comprehensive – in that it follows a set of standards that cover everything. At the same time, it’s personal because it retains the human factor and direct contact that’s always effective when it comes to elderly care and oversight.

The only thing that would make it better is if it also did the same thing for seniors living on their own. That would make their service more wide reaching, and they can really help out people worried about their parents who choose to live alone.

What do I think about Penrose?

If I were to rate the Penrose services based on 5 different standards – namely, relevance to senior care, effectiveness, versatility, price and accessibility. It gets would high marks across the board.

As you may have already noticed, I’ve reiterated that Penrose is a great approach to a widespread problem when it comes to senior care. I would give it 10 out of 10. The same rating goes for how effective it is. It adds a checking mechanism that holds the facility accountable for the care they give. It introduces an auditor who will make sure that your parent has the best quality life possible, and it comforts seniors to know that they have someone to turn to in cases of abuse. That’s not something that can be provided without personal contact.

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The most they have to work on is versatility because they only cater to assisted living facilities, which excludes seniors living on their own or with their elderly spouses. They need the same level of care, and they can use the similar services from Penrose. For that reason, I’m giving them a 7 on versatility.

Penrose charges a monthly subscription and changes the amount that you have to pay, depending on your conditions – such as how often you want the auditor to visit. It’s relatively affordable, and for that price, you’re getting a reliable intel on how your parents are. That’s priceless, so I’m giving them a 10. As for accessibility, their site is easy to use and can be accessed using any device. It’s also comprehensive, and it even includes notes coming from the auditor. For the amount of work that they put into making their records accessible and comprehensive, I’ll rate them a 10.

If you’re not worried about your parent’s situation in an assisted care facility, you should be. 33% of nursing homes are cited for senior abuse, and that’s with most seniors not even complaining about the abuse. Imagine just how many violations are actually committed but have never been recorded. Penrose Senior Care Monitoring is a great solution to that problem because it adds a checking mechanism that holds the facility accountable for the care they give. It introduces an auditor who will make sure that your parent has the best quality life possible, and you can rest assured that your parent is taken care of.


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