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Alert1 Medical Alert, More Safety for You and your Family

Alert1 has been a trusted brand of medical alert systems since 1988. They are known for their nationwide service and excellent customer support.

medical alert - alert1 system button1 300x184 - Alert1 Medical Alert, More Safety for You and your FamilyTheir official website offers standard information such as detailed descriptions for each of their products, a price comparison guide, customer reviews, customer support, and online ordering. On the official site you’ll also find the Alert1 blog where you can read up on a variety of topics, from fall prevention to Mother’s day recipes! See their official website:

The Alert1 Medical Alert System Series

The Alert1 series offers five different devices:
  • Mobile + Home Fall Detection System
  • Mobile Fall Detection System
  • Mobile Medical Alert Device
  • Fall Detection Medical Alert Device
  • Home Medical Alert Device

Features that all five devices have in common:

  • 24/7, around the clock safety. At the push of a button you will be connected to one Alert1’s fully certified command centers, operated in the United States.
  • Free 24 hour tech support.
  • Showerproof help button.
  • 30-Day money back policy on annual plans.
  • Unlimited button pushes and talks time.


A Quick Glance at Each Alert1 Device

The Mobile + Home Fall Detention System

The device is considered the most advanced fall detection technology you can buy. It is meant to be used at home and on-the-go. The device is conveniently worn on a pendant and has sensory technology that will automatically call a command center when a fall is detected. A GPS is built-in and will detect your location, sending help to you immediately.


  • Built-in GPS technology
  • 2-in-1 mobile and home unit
  • Speaker and microphone for easy 2-way communication
  • Included: PAX Plus, Fall Detection Home Pendant, Classic Wristband, lanyard, belt clip, charging cradle, power cord, user guide
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Mobile Fall Detection System

This device is designed for mobile use only, and will automatically place a call for help after sensing a fall, even if you are unable to push the button. The built-in GPS technology can pinpoint your location to get you immediate help. The difference between this device and the Mobile + Home system is that it is a single device and is for mobile use only.


  • Speaker and microphone for easy 2-way communication
  • Built-in GPS technology
  • Personalized responders
  • Included: PAX, lanyard, belt clip, charger, power cord, user guide

Mobile Medical Alert Device

With this device you can enjoy safety while maintaining your independence. It is meant for mobile use and does not include a sensor; it requires the press of the button to activate and send help. No GPS included.


  • Portable medical alert system.
  • Push the button, get help fast
  • 911 location technology.
  • Two-way voice.

Fall Detection Medical Alert Device

This at home system includes modern motion detection technology. If a fall is detected, the pendant will place an automatic call for help, if you are unable to push the button.

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  • Detects falls. Automatically calls our 24/7 Command Center.
  • 400 ft. range from base unit.
  • Two-way voice in base unit.
  • Included: POM unit, fall sensor pendant, phone cord, AC wall plug, & User guide.
  • Does not require a landline.

Home Medical Alert Device

This basic at home device is easy to install and consists of a small speaker box that plugs into a phone jack on your wall and an electrical outlet. Press your alert button and get immediate help within the 600 ft coverage area.


  • Push the button, get help fast.
  • 600 ft. range around the base unit.
  • Two-way voice in base unit.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Included: POM unit, help button, phone cord, AC wall plug, Quick Start Guide.

Function and Value for the Price

If you are seeking a top-of-the-line, multi-functional device that can be used at home or on the go, The Mobile + Home Fall Detention System is for you. Although it is the most expensive of all the Alert1 devices, it could be considered the best value as it serves to two purposes and features the best technology.

If you are strictly shopping for a mobile alert system, the Mobile Fall Detection System is the better value. It offers more features and better technology at the same price point as the Mobile Medical Alert device.

Finally, if at an at-home alert system is all you need, you’ll want to decide how important the motion sensor feature is to you. At a price difference of only ten dollars per month, it may well be worth it to invest in the Fall Detection Medical Alert Device rather than the most basic Home Medical Alert Device.

Why Alert1?

Clearly Alert1 offers a variety of high-quality medical alert products to meet your needs. Here are a few things that set them apart as a company: no long term contracts, rigorous product testing and quality assurance, easy installation, quick shipping and free returns, upfront fees and pricing.

You can buy similar products on the market, but Alert1 has a reputation for high-quality and integrity. You can shop with confidence.



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