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Get Your Best Senior Mobile Alert Without Monthly Fees With LogicMark Freedom Alert

Why a Senior Mobile Alert Device?

Right now, there are around 40 million senior citizens in America. Of that number, only around 3% opt for assisted living or other senior mobile alert devices. That means that they either live with their spouse, who are equally fragile, or they live on their own.
As much as we hope to stay healthy all the time, getting sick and becoming weaker is an inevitable part of growing old. Records show that 4 in every 5 senior citizens suffer from at least 1 chronic illness, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, that incapacitates them in some form. Even if you feel as healthy as you can be right now, accidents are inevitable, and as you grow older, those types of accidents become more common.

That’s why emergency response and senior mobile alert systems, like LogiMark’s Freedom Alert, are very common with older users.

What is Freedom Alert?

senior mobile alert - Base and pendant front view 233x300 - Get Your Best Senior Mobile Alert Without Monthly Fees With LogicMark Freedom AlertIf you’re worried about your parent living on their own, especially if they have medical conditions, LogicMark’s Freedom Alert Emergency Alert System is a great way to ease your worries and make sure that your parents are never truly alone. Conversely, if you’re a senior, Freedom Alert is a good, easy-to-use companion that keeps you safe, while you enjoy the perks of living independently.

Because it’s made for senior users, Freedom Alert is very straight forward. It comes with a button that seniors can press when they’re in distress. The signal can either go straight to 911 or contact a couple family members before that. You can program numbers of your children, spouse and even your neighbor who can come straight to you in cases of emergency.

You are only able to program up to four numbers, so make sure that you out numbers of people that you know live close by or can call someone to check on you. However, unlike other emergency systems, you can actually talk into the pendant. You can describe what happened or what your state is, so the person on the other end can respond accordingly.

Benefits of Freedom Alert


  • Easy to use

This is an assistive technology that functions a lot like a phone but has features that specifically cater to an older person’s needs. For example, most seniors find the many functions of mobile phones confusing. In an emergency situation, it might be hard to use it. Freedom Alert streamlines those features into one button. Press that, and it will directly reach out to the people you’ve programmed it to call.

It’s important to note though that it cannot detect when wearer falls. However, if they do, pressing the button to call for help is so easy even when you’re on the floor and cannot move much.

  • Mobile

senior mobile alert - FA pendant on lanyard 233x300 - Get Your Best Senior Mobile Alert Without Monthly Fees With LogicMark Freedom AlertUnlike of other emergency and Senior Mobile Alert systems  – which are either hinged to the wall or laid on the table, the Freedom Alert is a two-way voice medical alert pendant. That means that you can wear it around the house, while you’re doing chores in the kitchen or going down the stairs. You can even add a wall mount in close to the shower, so you can reach it in case something happens. It’s also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moisture exposure when you take it with you to the bathroom.

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  • Unique features

Not like other emergency systems on the market, this functions more like a mini mobile phone, minus all the confusing button and breakable screens. Instead of just being able to press the distress button, you can talk into the pendant and tell the person on the other side what happened, how you are and all the help you need. This saves them valuable time, and they can figure out what they can do on the way to you. This can be a life-saving addition in case you’re bleeding or suffered a fracture.

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  • Value for money

This might be a surprise because most other emergency systems have monthly charges, but Freedom Alert has no monthly costs. That means that once you’ve paid for the actual product, that’s it. In long run, that will save you a lot of money, while still keeping you and your family at ease.


  • Independence

This intangible benefit is relatable for most seniors living on their own. A lot of them claim that they don’t want to be the object fuss or worry. In fact, they enjoy the independence and freedom of being alone and doing things for themselves. Having people around, doing everything for them can be suffocating. It can make people feel less accomplished.

The perfect compromise is to allow seniors some space without compromising their safety. Through Freedom Alert, your can family can rest easy, knowing that there’s an easy way for you to contact them, and you can enjoy the freedom of living on your own.


Like any LogicMark’s product, Freedom Alert is very specific in catering to the needs of the users which are seniors. They’ve made a product, in all of its variations – from the wall mount to the pendant – very easy to use. It’s streamlined to a point that all you have to do to seek out help is press a button.

This is also very responsive the previous problems that people had with other emergency communication systems. With those, when someone presses the distress button, the person on the other side has no way of knowing whether it was intentional or by accident – which happens a lot. This time, seniors are able to talk through the pendant or wall mount and explain what happened. That way person rushing to help knows what he needs to do and is prepared for the situation.

Lastly, this offers the best value for your money because all you have to do is buy the equipment or the set, and you’re good to go. There are no additional monthly charges that sometimes end up being more expensive than the actual product.

All in all, this senior mobile alert device is a very functional two-way voice medical emergency response system that allows seniors to be independent and live on their own, without compromising their safety and wellbeing.

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